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Won't connect to ma...

Won't connect to main laptop no matter what I do!  

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I am trying to aim for a portable triple monitor setup using my main laptop (being a Dell Latitude 6430s), and two Chuwi Hi10 Air's side-by-side. For some reason I can connect up both my chuwi's together and my phone to my main Chuwi. However when I try to connect ANYTHING to my Dell it just refuses to accept any input! I uninstalled the bloody thing 3 times, I made sure everything is updated to the new 0.9.18 (for server) and 0.9.16 (for VIEWER). So I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them, removed the whole application, and even uninstalled everything from all my main machines! And it STILL refuses to allow anything to be connected for more than a SECOND! The error code is 2-5-

That's all the info I can get, can I get a response of great detail because this just f---ing blows that I spent over 300 on TWO tablets just for the bloody thing to stop working! Thanks

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spacedesk Nicole
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Hi @ineedhelprn,

This error indicates that the primary machine can be reached over the network but connection fails after the indicated connection time.
Possible reasons are the following:
1. Unstable network connection
- Is your network reliable/stable?
2. Error on spacedesk Primary Machine
- Is the server showing an error message bubble?
- Is the spacedesk server status on the primary machine set to spacedesk ERROR?
- Did you notice if the screen flickers for few times on your primary screen right before it disconnects?
3. Is Virtual Private Network (VPN) enabled?

Please also read our User Manual. It has the topic "Connection Error" underneath Troubleshooting Network Connection chapter.

For further analysis, please send us the following details:
Primary Machine
- operating system (Windows 7/8.1/10)
- graphics adapter (AMD/Intel/Nvidia/Basic Display)
- network type (wired/wireless/USB tethering)
Secondary Machine
- viewer type (Android/iOS/Windows/HTML5)
- network type (wired/wireless/USB tethering)

Looking forward to your feedback.

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According to my view, if you were unable to connect the main laptop on your Windows. You have to restart your laptop again. You know the same problem occurred with me. when I was unable to restart my Acer laptop on the windows 10. I was facing the connection issue and could not fix it. After researching I got to know the solution from <a href=" removed link " target="true"> removed link   here.  I hope you also get the solution from it. 


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