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Windows 10 & iPhone Connection Issue  

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Thank you for your time and for providing this wonderful free service. This is my first time using it, I have an iPhone with iOS 13.2.3 installed as well as the spacedesk iOS app. Windows 10 computer with Firewall exception for spacedesk. 


When running the spacedesk driver on PC and attempting to manually connect to the PC's IP address with the iPhone in order to stream PC content to the iPhone, it hangs up on "IP Validation in Progress". I have attempted to connect to the pc using http://spacedesk.ph/html5viewer but it hangs up there without connecting as well. Please advise.

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spacedesk Lea
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Please make sure that both primary machine and iPhone device are connected on the same local area network.
Are you connected on a public wifi?
Do you maybe have VPN currently active?
For assistance, please check the Troubleshooting Network connection chapter in our user manual.

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