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wifi direct without hotspotting?  

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hi, is there a way to connect my tablet to my windows 10 pc in wifi direct without the need to use it as hotspot? shouldn't be possible to add the tablet as a wireless monitor in setting>devices>add device>wireless screen (2nd option)? in that way theoretically it would automatically be connected in wifi direct, but sadly when i try to do so it cannot find the tablet.

the point is that as i don't always use my tablet as secondary screen i'd need to enable wifi hotspot on windows and switch tablet connection from regular wifi to hotspot wifi, while in the other way it would just work automatically

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Hi @giaaaacomo,

The setting->devices->add device->wireless display you are referring to is a built in wireless display option of Windows using their Miracast driver.

spacedesk will soon have a its own WiFi Direct connection option, no need for Mobile Hotspot configuration.
It will probably be part of the Pro version, no date of availability yet.
Currently, you can only connect spacedesk over WiFi Direct thru Mobile Hotspot option on Windows 10 settings.


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