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What to do about LAG and low FPS (Home Cockpit)- Android  

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I have a three monitor configuration for MSFS2020 

I’m using MSFS across two monitors in windowed mode as Nvidia surround doesn't support my desired resolution. My monitors are 49 inches (3840x1080) and two 29 inches on the sides (1980x1080) however currently I'm only stretching it across 2 and the resolution is (3840x1080) 

I have three android tabs for which I used to employ for the home cockpit in place using a software called Xtexture extractor however, for MSFS I have managed to get displays onto them using space desk 

The problem however is that even with the low resolution set for the android tabs I’m getting a lag or reduced frame rates in my sim that is undesirable. Kindly suggest me a proper solution for this. 

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @asad051,

Are you using our most recent spacedesk driver v0.9.63?
If not, please try it, just download it from our website https://spacedesk.net.


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