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VideoWall cano't co...
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VideoWall cano't correct display  

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- Primary machine operating system - Windows 10
- Secondary machine operating system -iOS 12.5.1 (iPad Air

- Primary machine's Graphics adapter - Nvidia GT 630M / driver version 391.35
- Network connection type - primary wired / secondary wireless

Hi! I installed the latest version for SpaceDesk 2days ago. running smoothly and everything was good until I enabled the Bluetooth on my primary and connected an audio device. after that, both device seemed to refresh and then the display resolution on my secondary became 2048 x 1536.

i had been trying to correct the resolution and revert it back to 800 x 600 on the secondary in the videowall engine (input resolution then it will take effect as you hit enter) but nothing is happening, it's like the engine is not working at all. Everytime i reconnect the secondary  2048 x 1536. bluetooth was turned off on primary, restart everything. same thing happens. so, the secondry i useless because of the resolution it takes al lot of time to show what really is going on to the screen.


i hope that someone can help out with this problem.


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Hi @iska,

If you want to stay with 800x600 resolution on your iPad viewer screen, just disable the "Use native iOS device resolution" in the iOS viewer app settings and set the custom resolution to 800x600.

Modifying the dimension in the Videowall will only work if videowall mode is enabled and the client is attached/assigned to a Video Wall.


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