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using wifi direct w...
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using wifi direct with ipad  

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as my wifi is a bit on the slow side as i am far away from it. I tried to use wifi direct => pc connected with an internet cable and afterwords following the user manual instructions by enabling the mobile hotspot on windows. But after that, when I open the ipad app I get an IP prompted which after clicking says : connected - DISPLAY OFF.

So basically... I get two ips shown on the server side (desktop app) 

1. the internet cable ip adress which is not connectable

2. the wifi direct virtual adapter which has the problem with connected - display off


could someone help me with this one? Thanks in advance

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @sims0702,

Could you please try our most recent spacedesk Driver v0979 which is now available on our website https://spacedesk.net/.
Then restart your spacedesk iOS viewer app on your iPad and try to again connect to the IP address of the WiFi Direct/Mobile Hotspot network on your primary machine.

Then let us know if you still get the same "connected - display off" status.


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