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Use Spacedesk (videowall) with Only Local (HDMI) Monitors?  

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I'd like to use some of the Videowall functions on my multimonitor setup.  All monitors are connected via HDMI or Displayport to an RTX 2060 gpu.

Is this possible with Spacdesk/VideoWall?  I tried downloading and playing around with it but could not get it to work. I also searched here and in the user manual.  

If not possible, can anyone recommend an alternative program with functions similar to VideoWall that works with locally connected monitors? (not over network)  In particular, I need the mirror image function and the multimonitor "wall" configuration options.

Thanks much in advance for any help or advice.

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Hi @drcheap,
Unfortunately, it's not possible.
Videowall engine of spacedesk does not handle locally connected monitors.
In order to use the VideoWall mode of spacedesk, you have to connect the spacedesk viewer apps over the network.


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