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Use spacedesk to use tablet as second screen  

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Hi I was trying to use spacedesk to  use my tablet as a second screen for computer. I have downloaded spacedesk onto both devices. the devices are comnected by a usb lead. The tablet says connect to primary machine (Server) but  is  not connecting. the computer says "cannot detect primary machine!" Could anybody help? Thanks, Jeff


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I am wondering the same thing.  I've also tried over bluetooth but still doesn't work unless both devices are connected to my wifi 🙁

spacedesk Lea
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There are possible reasons if your viewer is unable to detect your primary machine:
- primary machine and secondary machine are not connected on the same local area network
- wireless router has network isolation active (which prevents all connected devices to communicate with each other)
- VPN (Virtual Private Network) active
- third-party firewall software currently blocking the spacedesk server's network discovery

For assistance, please also refer to the Troubleshooting Network Connection chapter in our spacedesk user manual.

By the way, Bluetooth connection is currently not supported.
If you like you can also try other network connection type like USB tethering or WiFi Direct/Mobile hotspot connection between your primary machine and client device.

Please refer to the USB Tethering chapter  and Wifi Direct / Mobile Hotspot on Windows 10 chapter in our user manual for instructions.
Looking forward to your feedback.

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