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USB thetering traff...
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USB thetering traffic  

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I need some clarification for the following scenario

I have a lattepanda connected to an android through spacedesk but the internet (both data plan and wifi is turned off) on the android and only laatepand wifi is on. The idea is use android as a monitor only

1 - If connected to a given wifi network can the provider of that network and the ISP trace back to the android IP/MAC?

2 - There is any kind of traffic being originated from/to the android?


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Not sure if I understand your questions correctly.
Are you asking if spacedesk consumes internet data?
The answer is no, spacedesk does not require internet.
spacedesk only requires both primary and secondary machine to be connected on the same local area network.


1. Is spacedesk connection involves in this scenario?
Or is it only the network setup on your primary machine and android device?


2. If spacedesk viewer is connected, then yes there's traffic. spacedesk server are always sending framebuffer updates to the spacedesk client over the network (so viewer app will have something to render in the screen). And if touch screen is enabled then spacedesk client sends touch input signals back to the spacedesk server.
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Hello..i would like to add little about the USB tethering. They use deep packet inspection at their switches and "throttle" the bandwidth down to 1.5mpbs, which is generally more sufficient to play most sources at 480p. Some may be better optimized, so you can get better than 480p, but it's not really "going any faster", it's just better optimized to the lower bandwidth.


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