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Trying to cast to t...
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Trying to cast to tv  

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Hello, I am trying to determine if this application will work for my situation. I work at a print shop and we would like to have our orders display on separate monitors per the station the job is currently in. Example, when the product is in printing, the monitor in that section of the warehouse will display all items currently being printed. In the cutting section, all items being cut will display on that monitor etc. We would like to use 64" flat screen TVs so they are easy to see from the production floor. 

I understand this will work easily for a device like a laptop that has wi-fi built in.  But we would like to use 1 computer if possible utilizing multiple smart TVs or a TV with some sort of adapter so we can connect to the main computer. 

The only way I could see this working is if we have a cheap laptop/tablet which is duplicating the desktop displaying the needed information for each flat-screen and have it directly mirror the laptop. 

My question is, do you know of any TVs that will work for this application over wif-fi or any device that will allow us to be able to stream to multiple television displays without needing a computer for every flat screen tv? 

Thank you. 

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spacedesk supports multiple client connections. If you have 2 or more Smart TVs with spacedesk Android viewer app installed, you can connect it all to your Window desktop primary machine.

As for which smart TV, we don't know specifically which brand or model will work with spacedesk. But we have received various feedback from other users that our spacedesk Android viewer app works with their Smart/Android TV enough to assume that spacedesk will most likely work with any brand.

Just copy the spacedesk android viewer APK file on your Smart/Android TV manually then install it.
You can download the most recent spacedesk Android Viewer (v0.9.51) APK file here.


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