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Touchscreen Misalig...
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Touchscreen Misaligned to Top Left of Screen  

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Hi, I have a Microsoft surface pro 7 and every time I try to run spacedesk with the surface as the secondary screen to my desktop, the touchscreen becomes majorly mis-aligned.  i have it set to absolute position (but it works fine on relative) and for some odd reason I can only use a very tiny portion of the top left of the surface screen without the hidden pointer underneath popping back to the top left of the screen.   For example if I have paint open and touch the middle, it will draw at the top left of the screen but if I draw only within that tiny top left portion, it works fine.

I have included a copy of the bug report.  Any help would be appreciated.

(How do I share a copy of the bug report?  The dropbox link was auto squelched and the post has no attachment button)

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Hi @jondagamkd,
So you mean absolute touch only works on the top left portion of the viewer screen?

Which files are included on your bug report?
Did you try our diagnostic script for getting all the necessary diagnostic logs?
If no, please download the spacedesk diagnostic script here, then extract it.

Inside you will find spacedeskDiagnosticTool.cmd, just right-click it then run as administrator.
This script will start a debug view app to capture spacedesk debug traces.
On step 5 it will prompt you to reproduce the issue (by connecting the viewer app and reproduce the issue), make sure to do this before pressing any key to continue.
After the script is done, a folder will be created on the same folder as the script file which contains various log files that we need for analysis.
Please right-click it -> Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder, then attach the *.zip file on your next reply.

A short video of the issue, will also help.
PS: Attach option option should be visible on your side after your second post.


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