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This features pleas...
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This features please!!!  

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First of all a wanna thank you developers for this great app!!! It's definitely the best option to create a Gamepad for Cemu emulator!!!

Following the idea above, I wanna suggest you to add the next features if possible:

  • Improve the touchscreen input to be directly recognized for windows as real touchscreen input and not as mouse input, I mean, absolute touch input is recognized as mouse absolute position but it could be recognized as actual touchscreen inputs.
  • Add gamepad passthrough directly to windows so you can connect an Game controller to android via Bluetooth and the Windows machine could recognize that input as DirectInput or Xinput.
  • Add sound support through a generic windows audio output device so we can map sound stream independently of the Windows audio main stream. Please take a look of Cemu feature to stream Gamepad audio through a different audio device.
  • Direct gyro and accelerometer input passthrough to be used for Cemu motion capture interface.
  • Direct microphone passthrough.

I know that are big features but it would be awesome if we could use spacedesk to make the definitive Gamepad for Cemu!!!! If you add these features I would be glad to give you my money!!!!


Thanks a lot by the way!!!

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Hi @andressote93,
Thank you very much for your suggestions. This will be noted.
Please check below our comments on some of it.

1. Touchscreen input is already supported in the latest spacedesk version
though it's not yet a multi-touch (only single touch at the moment). 
And it's only supported on first viewer connected.

2. Remote Sound/Audio and Microphone support are already in our task list.
We already have a working prototype but it's not yet integrated on spacedesk.
It might not be available anytime soon.

As for the other feature requests, we cannot comment yet.
Since they are not in our plans at the moment.
This needs to be discussed with the spacedesk team.


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