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[Solved] Taskbar tray problem after using spacedesk  

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Normally (before I used spacedesk) my taskbar on my main screen looked like this:

<img src=" removed link " />

After installing and using spacedesk, my taskbar on the main screen looks like this:

<img src=" removed link " />

The problem is there is a lot of space between the icons now. This was exactly what happens after using spacedesk.

1. I tried shutting down the spacedesk process, restarting my computer, but that didn't help
2. I also tried to run the standard diagnostics on Windows 10 (DISM, SFC) but everything is fine (no error in logs)
3. I also tried turning off all the Tablet options, but that didn't help either
(I don't use any Tablet, but I tried to turn this off as a precaution)

<img style="border: 1px solid black; width: 400px;" src=" removed link " />

I am working on a computer with Windows 10 (version 20H2)

How can i fix it?

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spacedesk Nicole
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Hi @kanlukasz,

It is possible that you have the same issue as this post:
Can you add a optional installation option for touch input drivers on driver software for windows primary pc?

A wider taskbar spacing is caused by our HID touch input devices.
When these are installed/enabled, Windows automatically adjusts the spacing.
If you don't need the touch feature, you can manually disable them and try this workaround:
 - run services.msc
 - look for spacedeskService and stop it
 - run devmgmt.msc
 - click View -> Devices by connection
 - expand spacedesk virtual HID Device
 - disable the three HID-compliant touch screen devices
 - look for spacedeskService again and start it

As you have mentioned, you already tried the settings described here:
Windows 10’s new update forces tablet UI on desktop for some users
As of now, no known (yet) settings could prevent this.

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Yes, this is solution. All works fine. Thank you


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