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Suggestion / Question about spacedesk security solutions  

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I was wondering if spacedesk plans to add application password for the viewer and password to connect to the Primary Monitor? 

    I think this app is great and wonderful that it is free for all. I thought that the enterprise version seem interesting but, as I worry that being able to connect to any Primary Monitor without password is like remote display. Which I guess what it is but I would like better security options for the host computer. You can change who can access the network but what if that's not possible. Anyone who has access to your local network can easily connect to your server and try to get into it.

     All I am saying is adding more things like end to end encryption, application/server passwords and connection conditions like the connection has to be secure(windows firewall) or uses a specific encryption protocol. I have sensitive things that I don't want open to any. I am not a network administer so built in features like this would be great. If there is a BETA version I would be more then happy to try it out. 

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PS: I use Windows 10 as my Primary Monitor for my desktop and laptop. My secondary monitors are Fire Kindle HD (6 2016 & 8 2018), Amazon Fire Stick, or one of my Windows 10 desktop. All of my Windows 10 machine use x64 bit Intel Processor utilizing the integrated graphics as display adapter and they all communicate over 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz Wifi Band using a Router. I speak bad English sometimes even though it's my native language. If you need me to answer clarifying question, I am willing to answer them.

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Quite a few users are asking for the same and similar features.
Currently, we are very busy with higher prioritized features and bug fixes.
This security feature is already in our features list to be implemented, but will not be available any time soon.
If at all, this will only be part of the pay version when we go out of BETA.

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