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Spacedesk's amazing...
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Spacedesk's amazing! What is its future?  

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Windows 10 > Android (Fire OS - Nvidia & Wireless

Firstly I'd like to say thank you.

Spacedesk is a solid, reliable, incredibly fast, and easy to use piece of software. I use it to display via wireless, a program called Aida64 on to an Amazon Fire 7 tablet which is located within the side glass of my PC. The auto-reconnect works flawlessly so when the PC starts it automatically displays as soon as I am into Windows. Also it uses so little system resources, that I notice no difference to performance at all.

<a title="Spacedesk & AIDA64" href=" removed link " target="true">Click here for a photo of the setup

My main aim in writing this post is to ask for a possibility of a couple of functions I would love to see in the future? It really would make this software absolutely king of all the applications I use.

  • Some customisation properties in the desktop app, for example, the ability to choose hide/show the app in the taskbar and/or the system tray? (Having this open on my taskbar is awkward)
  • Android app customisation? Is it possible to 'sleep' the device screen when a connection is lost and 'auto wake' on a connection? I presume this would be difficult depending on the device used but, failing that option just being able to choose a no text on disconnection instead of a 'Disconnected' message.

I understand why it is setup the way it currently is and agree that it should be like this (especially by default), however just adding those options would make it so much more perfected.


Finally - if you would like me to test any future iterations for you, I am more than happy to help in anyway I can.

Thank you again, for your amazing software and keep up the awesome work.

Regards, Matt.

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @gtmatt,
Thank you very much for the positive feedback.
We are glad that you like our software.

1. On our recent spacedesk Driver v0.9.70, we have added a "minimize to tray upon close" option in our menu "..." button of spacedesk Driver/Server window. If you enable it, you will be able to close the the spacedesk window in the task bar (but will always pop-up whenever you have new spacedesk connection).

2. Android app customization - this will need further discussion with the spacedesk team.
We will get back to you as soon as we have news regarding this topic.


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Hi Lea,

Thanks for your fast reply, Sorry I didn't reply sooner but for some reason my account has been banned so I couldn't reply.


RE: Your reply to my first post.

  1. Thank you for your information as I didn't notice this option and I'm so happy you included it. Thank you!
  2. I will look forward to hearing any updates on this, again thank you for your efforts.

Regards, Matt.


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