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SpaceDesk works but...
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[Solved] SpaceDesk works but colours off  

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My PC is a Windows 10 20H2 revision with an AMD Radeon™ RX 580, 4GB with Adrenalin "non-whql" driver, the tweaked "gaming" driver

The Tablet is a Lenovo TB 606F running Android 10

The PC software, the server is Beta ver 0.9.93

The Tablet has the SpaceDesk Android APP v. 0.9.65 

here are a folder of two screenshots. The wide dark one is the PC + tablet showing correct colour as seen from PC

The other one with the green colour is a screenshot taken on the Android tablet 


removed link " target="true">Screenshots

It keeps telling me "Removed Link" when I try to add the link


I've tried different colour profiles to no avail


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Hi @rednekgamer,
Could you please try to disable the 10-bit Pixel Format in the AMD Radeon Software settings?
Just open the Radeon Software window, click the Settings icon on the top right side, then "Graphics" -> "Advanced" -> disable the "10-bit Pixel Format" then reboot your primary machine to apply the changes.
Please check this screenshot:

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Thanks, Works perfectly. 

had no idea where to start. the red were green and the greens red

i've been to the Philippines, beautiful country



<a href=" removed link ">cockpit and tablet

<a href=" removed link " target="true">closup of tablet


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