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Spacedesk work with dual monitors?  

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I have a laptop that I connected a Lenovo tablet to as a second monitor using Spacedesk. It works great and appears to be very reliable.  Today, I connected a projector as a second monitor to the laptop using the HDMI port.  The Lenovo tablet can no longer connect. The laptop (spacedesk server) appears to be denying the connection.  I used splashtop this way.  I haven't had much time to debug this, but I wonder if anyone else is using spacedesk this way.  Should this work? Thanks

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spacedesk Lea
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Did you get any error code on your viewer app?
Do you still have the splashtop program on your primary machine?
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It should work!

I have almost same setup: laptop running the server, Vivax LCD TV (connected via HDMI cable) as second  monitor and Alcatel tablet connected via network connection. I did all connections in that order, so I'm assuming that would mybe fix your problem.



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