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Spacedesk windowes VIEWER won't open  

Flesh God
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So, the title explains the problem alot. As fast as I open up spacedesk windows VIEWER it just closes after 1-3 seconds. I tried to look for the program in the task manager to see if it were runing, and I just couldn't see it, but no it's not there.

I have really no clue of what the problem is, and I'm not so good with windows to solve this problem for my self or googling the problem. Tho I've tried to open the firewall for the program, that didn't work either. The HTML5viewer dosen't work either.

Also the android app won't work for me to connect to my server (my PC desktop). 

Please help me Dx

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spacedesk Lea
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Could you please send us the dxdiag info of your Windows secondary machine where you run the windows viewer app.
Just run dxdiag.exe, click "Save all Information", save the output file (dxdiag.txt) then attach it on your next reply.

As for the HTML5 viewer, did you load the HTML5 viewer page on the same Windows secondary machine where you run the windows viewer app?
When you tried to connect to the server's IP address, what exactly happened? Was it just black screen? or something like connection time out?

For Android viewer app, was it able to discover your primary machine's IP address?
Did you get any error code/info upon connection attempt?

For further analysis, please also send us the dxdiag info of your Windows primary machine.
Looking forward to your feedback.

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