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Recently the 2nd screen (my phone) is slower and my mouse move slower too, the problem of this is my cellphone or the conection?  

Emi Watanabe
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New Member
Joined: 2 months ago

help pls

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spacedesk Lea
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Joined: 2 years ago

Hi @emi-watanabe,
Is it your first time you use spacedesk?
Or did you use spacedesk even before? and the slow performance is not happening before?

For further analysis, could you please send us the following details:
Primary Machine
- operating system (Windows 8.1/10)?
- graphics adapter (AMD/Intel/Nvidia)
- network connection type (wired/wireless/USB tethering/WiFi Direct)

Secondary Machine
- Viewer type (Android/iOS/Windows/HTML5)
- network connection type (wired/wireless/USB tethering/WiFi Direct)

For assistance, please also check Performance tuning chapter in our user manual https://spacedesk.net/user-manual.


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