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[Solved] Spacedesk License Price and Payment  

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Dear Spacedesk,

I am wondering if you could support me to purchase the Spacedesk license for my company as there is no info for the price and payment, please send the info to my e-mail (amirm@gl2cloud.com)



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spacedesk Marcel
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Hi Amir,

spacedesk is still in BETA and free to use until it expires.
We expect to come out of BETA in 2019.
After BETA, there will probably still be a free version with basic functionality.
Advanced features will become available as in-app-purchases. 

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Hi Marcel,

Thank you very much for your info , In my scenario ( 6 Android monitor and a desktop ) the display is working fine only for 3 monitors , for the rest , I receive "display disconnected by server due to error "Code: 1-2-0,Error info: 0-3-4"" , I would appreciate if you come with the issue and give me your advise to get rid of the disconnection for the monitors.

spacedesk Lea
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Hi @amir_kayot,

Current BETA version supports up to 3 multiple display by default.
Please follow the steps below so you can try it with up to 6 displays.

1. Run "regedit.exe" then go to:
for Windows 10 primary machine: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WUDF\Services\spacedeskDisplayUmode

for Windows 7/8.1 primary machine: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\spacedeskHookKmode

Add a new registry value REG_DWORD "MonitorCount", then set the value to 6.

Restart spacedesk Driver
for Windows 10 primary machine: Run devmgmt.msc and go to Display adapters -> spacedesk Graphics Adapter, then right-click -> Disable then Enable 
for Windows 7/8.1 primary machine: You'll have to reboot your primary machine.

After following the steps above, try to connect up to 6 spacedesk viewer and test it.
Please keep in mind that we limit it 3 display connection due to performance limitation.
Connecting with up to 6 spacedesk viewers simultaneously, can affect the performance of each viewers connected (e.g. screen update lag may be observed). And this might also require quite a few resources, make sure that your machine is strong enough to handle more displays like those gaming PCs and with stable/reliable network connection.

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