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SpaceDesk host bugging when connecting when opening 2 clients on a different device  

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My setup is as follows:

  • Host machine (Windows 10):
    • built in screen
    • external monitor
  • Guest machine (Windows 10):
    • Built in screen (Windows Store client)
    • external monitor (HTML client)

I want to use all 4 screens at the same time. When I start up Spacedesk server on the host machine, then connect using the Guest machine everything works fine. But since I want to use both screens on this guest machine, whenever I open a second client on the guest machine the driver on the host machine gets confused:

  • Spacedesk notifications seem to appear multiple times every second saying something about not being able to plug the external screen
  • The second client I open on the guest machine seems to be connected, but gives a black screen
  • All connected screens to the host machine (the external screen directly connected and the external client that does work) start to flash black every second, then return to the normal "view"
  • The text in the server window starts flashing rapidly
  • I tried to open the video wall settings, in here I can see 2 screens: one has a proper UUID and has a blue monitor icon, one is called something like 111111222222 and has a flashing monitor icon.
  • The mouse on the host machine seems to be flashing as well.

Basically, Spacedesk doesn't like it if I open 2 clients on the same device. Once I close one of these clients, all above bugs disappear and Spacedesk works normally again. I would really like to use all of these screens at the same time, is this possible somehow?


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Hi @hunter2iscool,

Ah so you are using HTML5viewer as the second viewer.

You can also open another instance of Windows Store viewer app instead of HTML5.
Did you already tried that?

HTML5 viewer has so many limitations, since you are using Windows as secondary machine,it’s best to use our native viewer app instead.


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