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Spacedesk drivers n...
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Spacedesk drivers not installing?  

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Hello, my spacedesk drivers arent installing. The white loading stripe does not go further than the far left. Its not even visible? Can someone help?

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @ole203,

Could you please send us your primary machine’s info:

  • operating system (Windows 10/8.1)
  • Graphics Adapter (AMD/Nvidia/Intel)

Then please also send us the following files/logs for further analysis:

  • dxdiag.txt ( just run dxdiag.exe then click Save All Information)
  • spacedeskSetup.log file located in C:\Users\Public
  • setupapi.dev.log located in C:\Windows\INF

Please save all requested files in one folder then right click -> Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder then attach it on your second reply.

PS: Attach option will be visible on your side after your third post.


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