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Spacedesk connection problem  

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how do i uninstall splashtop wired XDisplay plss help

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @covrigelgamerhd,

I think proper uninstallation of splashtop driver is by running their installer and select remove/uninstall in there. 
If it didn't uninstall properly after that then, could you please run Command Prompt as Admin, then type the following commands and check each result if the state is "RUNNING" or "STOPPED":
- sc query lci_proxykmd <enter>
- sc query lci_proxywddm <enter>

If either commands returns "RUNNING" or "STOPPED" state, please type:
- sc delete lci_proxykmd <enter>
- sc delete lci_proxywddm <enter>

After running the commands, please restart your primary machine then try again with spacedesk.


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