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spacedesk and win 7
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spacedesk and win 7  

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In additional information of the download area is stressed that 'spacedesk does not support Windows 7 anymore' and that 'on own risk it can be tried to install the Windows 8.1 driver on Windows 7'. I would like to try this, but according to another information in the license-area the Windows 8.1 driver will expire on 31.12.2020. Therefore, even it will work now, I cannot rely on my system because all my machines are running Windows 7.

So I am very interested to buy a business license that will work with my OS and will not expire anymore, even if it's an old beta and even if it's just for fun without any business purposes. For example that one, which was out when I created this account one year ago, was already perfect. Can you please advise me how to get that version running without limitations and how much it will cost? Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @alexander,
Business license for our Windows 7/8.1 spacedesk driver is not available.
We are only offering a license for a large scale business case.
Yes, our current spacedesk Driver for Windows 7/8.1 will expire on December 31, 2020.
But before it expires we will always release a new driver with extended expiry date.



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