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Solution prices  

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Hello friends, Please request information on the prices of the business license. I need to know what the cost would be to share the images on 20 different screens. Thanks for your quick response

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @vluzuriaga,


Currently spacedesk is still deep in BETA and we cannot offer small scale licensing (neither business nor private) at the moment.
Feel free to use the BETA version until it expires (on December 31, 2019).
Small scale licensing will only become available in the mid-term future 2019 or 2020.
It will exclusively go through the App Stores (Google, Apple and Microsoft) and will not differentiate between business and private users.
The Viewer license without expiry date will range somewhere in between € 5 and € 10.
Probably there will always be a free Viewer version with limited feature set (without expiry date).
Probably the Server license will always remain free (without expiry date of course).

Current BETA version only support up to 3 viewer connection by default.
If you like to try it with more than 3 viewers, you can enable it.
Please follow the steps below so you can try it with up to 5 displays using spacedesk Driver version 0.9.18.
1. Download the spacedesk_SetDisplayCount.zip here .
2. You will find "spacedesk_SetDisplayCount.txt" inside, rename it to "spacedesk_SetDisplayCount.cmd", then right-click it and run as administrator.
3. Run devmgmt.msc on your primary machine and go to Display adapters -> spacedesk Graphics Adapter, then right-click -> Disable then Enable
After following the steps above, try to connect up to 5 spacedesk viewer and test it.
You can also edit the spacedesk_SetDisplayCount.txt, currently it allows up to 5 client display, you can change it to more than 5.


Please keep in mind that we limit it to 3 display connection due to performance limitation.
Connecting with up to 5 or more spacedesk viewers simultaneously, can affect the performance of each viewers connected (e.g. screen update lag may be observed) and make sure you have a powerful primary machine (latest display graphics adapter) that can handle many displays.
For further questions and/or discussions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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