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Slow speed on Windo...
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Slow speed on Windows surface PC  

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Hey guys

I love the software but I'm experiencing some issues with my Windows Surface PC over wifi.
My current setup:
- Spacedesk 0.9.19 on my Desktop PC
- 3 native monitors setup in extended mode
- Windows Surface (Win 10 64bit) connected through Wifi (the is decent with no traffic)
- Compression levels set to moderate 

When I connect the Surface to Spacedesk the refresh rate is extremely slow, pretty much unusable. When increasing the compression it becomes more usable but the quality is terrible. Note I don't have this problem when connecting using an Andriod based tablet.

Any help would be great.

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @mat_l,
Thank you for the input.
What is the current resolution of the viewer in your:
 - surface tablet?
 - android tablet?
Can you send us the dxdiag info of your primary machine (desktop) and your Windows surface tablet, just run "dxdiag.exe", click "Save All Information" then attach the output files (dxdiag.txt) on your next reply.

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