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Setup question - co...
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Setup question - considering using Spacedesk if it'll do what I need it to do  

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My primary machine would be my laptop (win10)( < 1920x1080).  I would have three more machines(desktop extension, 1920x1080), each a Fire TV.  Two of the TVs would display the exact same thing(mirror) and the third would display something else.  The primary machine would also display something else.  The three TVs would display Chrome tabs/windows in fullscreen mode.  My primary machine would display a chrome browser as well.  So three browser tabs/windows in all, across four machines, two of which are duplicated removed link   Is this possible?  I'm not exactly sure how to get two of the machines to mirror each other. 


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Hi @digitalman42
You can easily select which displays you want to duplicate via Windows Display Settings.
Just right-click somewhere on your desktop screen then click Display Settings the you will find all the displays on your primary machine, select/click which display you want to duplicate then scroll down on the Multiple Displays dropdown menu and select on to which other display you want it to duplicate.
Please refer to the screenshot attached.


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