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security issues  

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hi there, 
I'm using Spacedesk for a while on my Gallaxy Tab A & iPhone andi extend my laptops screen; that's so good. I just find out that other people using Spacedesk in our home (same WIFI), can connect to my laptop server through their tablets! is there any way to block other users like this? or setting a password on my laptop...?

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Dear @spacedesklea

thanks for the response,
so while I'm using the Spacedesk on my laptop, which means that is turned ON, there is no security feature available yet. I'm so willing to be informed about this feature update, Is there any way to get this specific news?

Best regards,


spacedesk Lea
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Hi @farzan,

Quite a few users are asking for the same and similar features.
This security feature is already in our features list to be implemented but will not be available anytime soon.
Currently, we are very busy with higher prioritized features and bug fixes.
It might be available in the next 6 months or more, we are not sure yet.
If at all, this feature will be available in the Pro version.
For now, we only have the ON/OFF menu in the spacedesk SERVER window.
This OFF switch will turn OFF the spacedesk network discovery so viewer will not be able to discover it.
This is the option in case you are not using spacedesk and you don't want others to connect to your server machine.


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