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Remote screen fails...

Remote screen fails to maximize on Android  

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When I connect to a server, the screen gets maximized to full screen so that the notification area and control buttons are hidden.

Sliding from top or bottom shows the two panels as transparent overlay and they slide off the screen in few seconds.

Locking&unlocking or opening the task manager/switching apps and then switching back to the spacedesk screen results in the screen being squashed as the buttons are now opaque and visible all the time.

The client must restart spacedesk and connect again so that the screen is on fullscreen again.


Sadly, I cannot provide screenshots.

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spacedesk Lea
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We are currently reimplementing our spacedesk Android viewer app with the new architecture.
Hopefully this will fix various bugs including yours.
Estimated release of this version is probably 3-6 months from now.
If the same problem still persist, please get back to us so we can fix it from there.

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