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[Solved] problem to switch applications from one screen to another.  

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I have a problem to switch applications from one screen to another.

the viwer screen only allows me to see the same screen as on the PC 1, so I can not for example send an excel file on the second screen and see a word file on the screen 1.
I can only see on screen 2 what is on screen 1, I can not move my mouse from one screen to another.

Thabk you in advance for your help

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Hi @jujumty,


You can easily switch to desktop extension mode using display settings window or display switch.
Just right-click somewhere in your desktop and click "Display settings" (if it's Windows 10) or click "Screen resolution" (if it's Windows 7/8.1).
Then scroll down on Multiple displays drop down menu to select Extend.

Using Display Switch, just press the Windows logo + P key, an option to extend, duplicate will appear on the right side of the screen.


For assistance please refer to Primary Machine Configuration and Settings chapter in our user manual.



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