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Primary screen rota...

Primary screen rotated  

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Just tried spacedesk. Primary is Windows 10 laptop. When I connected to secondary on Android phone, primary screen was rotated upside down and then sideways. Windows 10 keyboard screen rotate keys didn't work, had to reboot to get screen back to normal.

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Is it on mirror mode when you connect your viewer app?
1. You can easily disable the auto-rotation from your viewer app settings -> Rotation, then uncheck the Auto-rotation, then you can connect again.
2. Another thing you should do is to clear the display settings in your primary machine before client connection.
Just click the spacedesk tray icon on your notification task bar, to open the spacedesk Server window, then click the "..." button to display a menu, then select "Clear All display Settings".

Please let us know if our suggestions helped.
Looking forward to your feedback.

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