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Prices of the upcom...
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Prices of the upcoming "pro Viewer"  

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It would be nice if there is an price table for the upcoming "pro" version. Especially if i don't want to use it commercially. 

I use it this software sometimes for my Hobby (railroad Simulations) and it is great to make external EbuLa displays and so on. So it is nice to touch on my simulated EbuLa Display and use the selected functions. But i do not need things like, Audio, Encryption or Logins with password. But maybe i need more than one simulated screen. 


So it would be great to know what i must pay for further releases. 

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @canislupus,
The Viewer Pro version will range somewhere in between € 5 and € 10.
Currently, spacedesk is still in BETA. Feel free to use our current BETA version.
In the current version you can already connect multiple viewer app (up to 16 viewer connection) on Windows 10 primary machine.


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