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possible security issue on wake of server  

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When the server wakes to a lock screen, the second server screen is shown on the client even before unlock.  This is no problem for our usage, but it could be in some situations where there is sensitive information on the client screen.

(Win 10 client 9.18 and server 9.19)

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @sjpt,
Thanks for the feedback.
Yes we are aware of this potential security issue.
Current spacedesk BETA don't have security feature yet.
Quite a few users are asking for the same and similar features.
Currently, we are very busy with higher prioritized features (e.g. performance improvement) and bug fixes.
This security feature is already in our list to be implemented but currently has low priority.
If at all this feature might only be available in the pay version.
For further questions and/or discussions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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