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pen and finger touch difference sensing  

Zoltan Dombovari
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Dear Developers,


I have a windows10 system and onyx boox max 2 and all the servers and viewers are the recent ones. In my case the latency between the host and the extension is bearable. I think this solution is amazing and I am using a lot. I wish to pay for this service. However, I would like to use my touch screen abilities on the extension using the ONYX ereader, which can distinguish pen and finger touch.

Is there any possibility to send this differentiated (pen, finger) touch information to the host computer?


It would be a great help for later use!

Thank you very much the tool is already a huge importance to me!



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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @zoltan-dombovari,
Pen input is not yet supported in our current spacedesk Android Viewer and iOS app.
It is currently being implemented but no specific date of availability yet.

FYI: Pen input is already supported using spacedesk Windows Viewer app (from Microsoft Store).


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