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Over 60hz support  

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Why is there no support for above 60hz? My phones screen is 120hz.

Im also not sure why the response time is so slow. There should be a setting for this which allows us to set the amount of bandwidth used and so forth.

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spacedesk Marcel
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This is a networked display. One should not expect the same refresh rate as a directly connected display. 
Images need to be compressed to be sent over the network. Then they need to be decompressed on the receiver side.
This all takes time!
I most cases, however, the human eye cannot easily detect differences above 30FPS anyway.
So even 30FPS should give almost perfect response time.
If still perceived to be slow, it is probably due to the network. Usually two things slow it down:
- If the network is wireless.
- If there is a router in between (routers are buffering).

Usually, performance can substantially be improved using USB-Thethering or WiFi-Direct. For WiFi-Direct, just create a WiFi Access-Point (Hotspot) on client or server. Then connect to this Access-Point (Hotspot) before connecting spacedesk. 

More info in the instruction manual https://spacedesk.net/user-manual
see chapter "Performance Tuning" 


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