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ONLY duplicate scre...
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ONLY duplicate screen works. Extend screen freezes secondary screen  

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I have a Dell Lattitude with Intel HD 520 graphics.  Tablet is an Amazon Fire HD 8. I can install and connect the server and client fine and bizarrely this used to work fine.  Now if I connect with 'duplicate screen" it works fine but if i change to "extend screen" the secondary screen on the Fire simply freezes and does not update the picture.  I can go back to "duplicate" without issue and I can move my mouse cursor off screen and onto the secondary as if it is there, but the screen is frozen so I do not see anything

Not sure what else to try.

Please help!

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Hi @dwiseman,
Is your spacedesk driver updated?
Our latest spacedesk Driver is v0.9.68, you can download it from our website https://spacedesk.net/.

If it's already updated, could you please try to open the spacedesk Driver window by clicking the tray icon, then click the "..." button menu then select "Clear All Display Settings", then try again to switch to Extension mode.

If problem still persist, could you please run dxdiag.exe, click "Save All Information", then attach the output file (dxdiag.txt) on your next reply.
PS: Attach option should be visible on your side after your second post.


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