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no windows are displayed  

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hello, my app works so far, the laptop screen is generally displayed on my phone, but when I open a window this is not displayed. what can this be?
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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @drinkerbell88
Some application remembers it's last position before it closes. The window is probably being displayed on different display (hidden).
Can you try opening a window first before connecting the spacedesk client.
Is it only happening on the window of a specific application? Or on all window (of different apps) that you open?
Can you also try to hover on the icon of the window in task bar then right-click on the small pop-up window above the icon, click Move then start to drag the window by continuous click of left/right arrow (depends on the position of the displays)
Please refer to the screenshot attached.

Looking forward to your feedback.


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