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Multiple screen setup  

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Hello spacedesk community, 

i've got my main Desktop PC (Windows 10) with the server, then i've got an Asus Zenbook Duo laptop (Windows 10) wich has 2 integrated monitors and so i just opened one Viewer per screen so i can have both of the laptop's monitors available as extension for my main PC. My question would be, is it possible to connect the PC to the laptop in any other way appart from wireless, as this way the response is sometimes a little lagging and image quality is not the best, perhapsby using usb-A, usb-C, or LAN-cable? I just wanted to ask if any of those options are possible and if they are which one would you recomend for faster response and higher image quality, before i go and buy the cable or hub, as unfortunately my laptop has no LAN-cable port if that would be the best option.

Appart from those two little things, this software is awesome. I've been looking for something like this since i got my laptop so i could use both screens simultaneously as extensions for my main pc and this is just perfect, can´t wait to see how this evolves.

Stay safe!


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Hi @jjc110,
We usually suggest a direct connection via network cable (crossover ethernet connection), but since your laptop don't have LAN cable port, this is not possible in you case.
The only other option is to try WiFi Direct/Mobile Hotspot on your Windows 10 desktop PC.
For instruction on how to setup please check https://spacedesk.net/user-manual/##wifi-direct


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