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Multi-display is no...
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Multi-display is not recognized.  

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I'm sorry for my bad English.

A year ago, a version of windows 10
When it was before 19xx, the extended display was functional.
(You could move the square icons on 1 and 2 and use a second desktop anywhere you wanted, left, right, up or down.)
But it's not recognized now.

I'm connected to the iphone version.

The only thing that works is the mirror.

(Sorry for the Japanese image.)
I'm currently using the windows 10 20H2 version.
I have an NVIDIA GTX1070 on board (same as a year ago).


If you can determine the cause of the problem, please do so.

removed link ;attredirects=0" target="true">Display Settings

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spacedesk Nicole
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Hi @chicken_potato,

Have you tried to switch to extended displays using the Windows display settings?
Please refer to this topic of our user manual: Desktop Extension or Desktop Duplication (mirror) Settings in Display Control Panel.

PS: Posting links are not allowed due to security reasons.


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