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Makes my. Pc very c...
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Makes my. Pc very choppy regarding graphics  

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Hi, I've got a pc with a ryzen 3800x, 2080s gpu and 16gb of corsair 3000mhz ram. I can run space desk fine with things like a Web page or discord on the second monitor. (Samsung galaxy tablet)


However I installed the app to run a telemetry dashboard on the second monitor whilst playing sim racing games. If try to run either the dashboard app or something like YouTube on the second monitor it makes my primary monitor very choppy with regular freezing of graphics for half a second or so.


I've tried connecting via WiFi and also generating a hot-spot on my pc but neither methods reduce this problem. I've also tried playing with the resolution on the second monitor with no joy. If I close the window running on the second display so it's showing either a copy of my desktop background or a static Web page then the symptoms go away.


Myself and my friend installed this application at the same time to run the same dashboard software whilst playing the same game. His pc is very similar except he runs an Intel 9700k and has no issues with running. 

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spacedesk Marcel
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Yes, current spacedesk version can slow down the main monitor if the network connection is not fast enough.
Try Ethernet cable, WiFi-Direct or USB Tethering (for more details see chapter "Performance Tuning" in the spacedesk instruction manual).
This will be fixed within the next few months.
As an alternative or in the meantime our spacedesk video wall software can be used. It will be released within the next few weeks and it doesn't suffer from this problem. 

spacedesk Lea
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Hi @jackrodericj,
Could you please try our most recent spacedesk Driver v0963 on our website https://spacedesk.net/.
Then let us know if the lag issue is now fixed.
Looking forward to your feedback.


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