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Low refresh rate on...
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Low refresh rate on viewer device. Hardcapped at 30hz.  

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Hello. I'm using my laptop with Intel graphics as secondary screen, connected via Ethernet. I have connected second monitor (because of tech issues I can't connect it directly to my PC) and run two instances of viewer program. It both options, screens are hard capped at 30hz without ability to change that. iGPU usage is very low or none existent while running those (HD Graphics 5500).
Viewer and server are running at Windows 10 at latest builds of program.

Can anyone explain why this is happening? I saw similar thread but it didn't work for me.

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Hi @pomidor,
FPS is probably set to 30 by default in our Windows Viewer app, please try to set it to 60fps then check if spacedesk display will show 60Hz refresh rate.
You can find the FPS settings in Windows Viewer app settings -> Compression Quality.


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