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Licence Spadesk for bussiness using  

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Hi i want to know if i need bussiness licence to install Spacedesk in all our laptop in my company (for bussiness using).

I have 100 laptops than i want to deploy this application.


Thanks to your reply 


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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @lolows2000,

Currently we are still in BETA. Please feel free to use the current spacedesk BETA software for corporate business use and private use until it will expire (August 2021 at the earliest).
After we will come out of BETA, there will probably still be a free version with a limited feature set for business and private use.
The pay version will contain the full feature set. It will probably range around € 10,- per client.
Payable through the App-Stores (iOS, Android and Windows).


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