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LAN Cable connectio...

LAN Cable connection - random disconnects  

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I love the connection via the cable (2 Win 10 laptops). It's fast and a good fit for my work. 
But sometimes it drops the connection and not sure why. I thought the cable could be the issue, I changed it now to a new cable, still after 15 minutes it drops me off. Actually, it just dropped me when I got to this sentence so at least I have a screenshot. 

The cable didn't move, nothing moved on the table, I type on a bluetooth keyboard so not even touching any of the laptops. 

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It's usually at that time but sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes it keeps on going for hours... 

Once it's disconnected, I need to exit the spacedesk window as otherwise it won't reconnect. 
Sometimes it gives me Connected - Display OFF message after restart and nothing happens. 

Is there anything you can do to improve this? Even an automatic switch to wifi connection could help but that's very subpair compared to cable, so ideally it wouldn't disconnect. 

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Hi @balint,
Is auto-reconnect on spacedesk Viewer app settings enabled?


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