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Lag - How to force ...
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Lag - How to force USB tethering?  

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Hi, thanks for this software and making it free. I have tried connecting my iPad pro to my Lenovo as a second screen.

It works, but the lag is significant. I have pretty good wifi at home.

I wanted to try to use the USB / tethering option. But it defaults to using a WiFi connection. How can I force the server (lenovo) and client (ipad) to connect over USB?

I am using a USB-C to USB-C cable between both. The iPad was recognized and connected to the laptop as i can see the photos on my laptop from the ipad.

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Hi @moxplod,
Does it also lag in main monitor? Or only in spacedesk viewer display?

When you setup a USB tethering, please run ncpa.cpl to open the Network connection window and check if a USB tethering network is created, with Remote NDIS adapter.
Or open the spacedesk SERVER window (click the spacedesk tray icon), then on Network Interfaces (local) tab, you should find the USB tethering network (Remote NDIS adapter) with the IP address and connect you viewer app to that IP address.


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