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Keep the virtual di...

Keep the virtual display after client disconnects?  

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I've been looking for a display adapter driver that allows connecting multiple dummy/virtual monitors, simply for moving windows off my main screen. The Spacedesk Windows 10 driver seems to work well for me, and although I can't specify the display resolution through the display settings control panel, the resolution is configurable within the client. However, what I really want is to keep the virtual monitor connected after closing the client. It seems the server polls for an active connection a couple times a minute and if the connection is gone, the virtual monitor is destroyed...and when that happens, all the windows that were open on that display fill over my desktop on my real display.

Is there a trick, hack, setting, or something that will allow me to close the client without having the attached monitor destroyed? Or, does anyone know of a display driver for *Windows 10* that will better suit my needs (attach virtual monitors at will, with available resolution settings)


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Currently we have no plans for a standalone virtual desktop to be available in our spacedesk software and will not be possible in the foreseeable future.

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