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Is it possible to c...
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Is it possible to control four laptops from one laptop?  

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Is it possible to control four laptops from one laptop with Space Desk?

With or without a KVM switch?


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Hi @switcher,
Yes it's possible.
spacedesk already supports Remote Keyboard/Mouse/Touch input which is available in the Viewer app Settings.
You just have to enable those settings then connect the viewer app to the machine you want to control remotely.

Do you want to control 4 PCs simultaneously?
If yes, then you have to run 4 viewer apps on your laptop then connect each one to your 4 other laptops (which you want to control). Make sure to install the spacedesk driver v0982 on your 4 laptops.

FYI: By connecting spacedesk you will be able to add another display on each laptop, if you only want to remote control and not add additional display just switch it all to Mirror/Duplication mode.
For assistance, please check CONFIGURATION AND SETTINGS -> Primary Machine chapter in our user manual https://spacedesk.net/user-manual/.


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