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Hello folks, when i first installed your program , everything worked just fine. On my ipad when i hit connection it went full screen, the entire screen was filled.

But now when i start the process, on my ipad its not full screen its just smaller and showing the connection behind it.

Its not fuul screen now,just smaller.

How do i get it back to fill the entire ipad screen.

I have looked all over to find a solution.  I have read the manual.

And i dont see a fullscreen  button.

Everything  else works fine.

I can do whatever but to work on the ipad is smaller inside .

The ipad is small enough and i need it to go back to full screen.



What am i missing.




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spacedesk Lea
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This issue should be fixed with the latest spacedesk iOS Viewer (v1.0.29) app from the App store, please update it.

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