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IPAD only WIFI  

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Is there a way to connect via USB without using tethering? I have an Ipad with only WIFI not WIFI + Cellular. I need a more stable and quality of second monitor. The program over WIFI works well but I nedd do this with USB.


Primary machine:

Alienware 15r3 Windows, I7 7820HK, 32GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 1070 8gb, SSD 512, hdd 1Tb. Latest updates of Windows and latest beta version of Spacedesk

Secondary Machine:

Ipad (only WIFI) 32gb with OS 13.3.1

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @francescor,
Native USB cable connection is not supported by current spacedesk BETA version.
This feature is already in our plans but will not be available anytime soon.
We are currently very busy with higher prioritized features and bug fixes.
For your case, we can only recommend you:
 - WiFi Direct / Mobile hotspot (if your primary machine is Windows 10) OR 
 - Hosted Network (for Windows 7/8.1) 

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