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iPad Mini could not...
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iPad Mini could not connected to the laptop  

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The iPad Mini (5th gen) running on the iOS 13.4.1 could not connected to the laptop (Windows 10, 1909), while the Android Phone (Galaxy Note 9) could successfully connected to the laptop. The spacedesk DRIVER version is 0.9.34. 

The iPad could not find any server.

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @wjtschen,
Could you please try with HTML5 Viewer page on  your iPad, just open a web browser (e.g. safari or google chrome) then go to http://viewer.spacedesk.net/ then try to connect to the IP address of your primary machine.
If it works, then this is an issue on our current spacedeks iOS Viewer app.
We are currently re-implementing our spacedesk iOS Viewer app hopefully this will fix the current discovery/connection issue. We will get back to you as soon as we have the new iOS Viewer released.

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