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iPad mini 5 on iPadOS 13 not detecting server (while other clients work great)  

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I have an iPad Mini 5th gen Cellular which I attempted to connect to my desktop (which is cable connected to LAN) via a 5G wifi. The client app does not show the server, and safari refuses to load the HTML5 page while Chrome works poorly but works. When I type the server's IP in the iPad client app, it validates indefinitely( I waited for half an hour).

I also tried using tethering since my ipad has cellular network, but doing so did not make any progress, and the chrome HTML5 even stopped working.

This problem is particularly confusing for that I have another iPad Air 1st gen on iOS 12 which runs badly but works well enough considering its age. I also currently hook up two androids and a laptop to my desktop using the same 5G wifi connection and they work awesomely together. Would really love to use my iPad because it has the best wifi connection speed and a large enough physical screen. I suspect this has got something to do with iOS 13, but am currently unable to do more trial and testing using my limited devices.

Edit:Just to be clear I have checked on a few similar posts, but they did not provide much help.It seems it's not only me who is having this trouble.

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Hi @szcm,
Thank you very much for the feedback.
It seems that this is a bug in our iOS viewer app.
We are currently re-implementing our iOS viewer app.
Hopefully, this new version will fix various bugs including yours.
We will get back to you as soon as we have a new iOS viewer for you to try.

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